1. I want 1 Hour (Do you believe you can Record – Mix and master in a Hour) Don’t Answer

2. I’m getting ready to blow up hook me up (everybody feel like that about their career)

3. This is my Year (you said that last year)

4. Can you make me sound like??? (Bring them in to sing and you will sound like them)

5. Man I’m Hot (every body hot in their own eyes)

6. Turn it up Louder (man it’s loud enough put the weed and drinks down)

7. I didn’t know my time was up (you just looked at you phone for the Time)

8. I got to go to the cash station (why you didn’t stop before you got here)

9. Can I pay you next week (Hellllllll Noooooo)

10. Can you save it to your Hard Drive (a flash drive only cost …….Please)